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Routine revisited

Routine Revisited.


In my first post I gave a run down of my routine, I hope it will help when
planning your own.

But as with most things it just brings to light more questions to debate.

I’ve addressed a handful of them below and I hope they will help you when starting your family day care or needing to adjust your current routine….

?Would a less conventional work day work for you?

I know educators that work 5am -12noon, 5am-3pm, 6.30am-5pm, 9am-6.30pm.
From 2days to all 7days as well as rolling rosters. Monthly sleep overs to mini afternoon play sessions, FDC can be as flexible as your imagination and your clients needs.


?What time does your family start their day?

My Lach(Mr3) consistently wakes at 8.30am so I have worked for 2 hours before he gets up, this works well for our family but you may feel more comfortable with an opening time after your family is up and going.


?Are you willing to work with before or after school children?

This will effect your opening hours, school children also add a different dynamic to a FDC setting. You will also need additional age appropriate resources. A consideration is also transport to and from school, will you drive them or is a bus available?

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?Will you be accepting Babies?

Often schemes place a maximum limit of two children under the age of two for new educators. But an option educators often miss debating is for all children to be the same age or over a certain age.


?Will you be offering food?

I take my hat off to those educators that are organised enough to offer a consistent, well balanced, portion and age appropriate menu. One that takes into account allergies, healthy food options, likes and dislikes. I personally need the children to bring their own food and place it in the fridge.


?What sort of network do you need?

Some educators are comfortable and thrive on creating a positive, high quality home based educational working environment. Others are more social and find being an educator very isolating and need to spend time with others at playgroups, mini playdates and excursions.


?What area of your home is suitable for FDC?

A suitable playroom, bathroom and sleep room are musts. But these can be your lounge room and bedroom. Preferably a sign in area and an area to cook and eat in as well. The layout of your home will have a huge influence on how you will be able to offer your service.


There are so many important questions to ponder and these are just a few, Id love to hear more of your questions……



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