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Sharing in Naidoc Week

Sharing in Naidoc week


I wanted to share with you our learning during this Naidoc week and some exciting ideas and experiences other educators have created for their children and children in care.


We had three focuses this week

1# 3 Books lent to us by a good friend

2# Emus, feathers and creating these wonderful birds

3# Revisiting family photos of a recent trip to Mount Grenfell, Ngiyampaa
people rock art.

You can see above…


#Our three focus books for Naidoc week

#Our Emu craft from Smarty Arty by Mr 4 and Miss 18 mths and Mr 19 mths 🙂


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These experiences blended and rolled into one another creating an environment of discussion, thoughtfulness and stepping stones being laid towards an understanding and celebration of all cultures.


Why not look or ask around your community for historical or important sites to visit with your children?

I was also very conscience this year of not being tokenistic…


Tokenistic… a word bantered around by ‘teachers’ a lot as Naidoc week approaches and during the special time meant for focusing on learning and recognising Aboriginal and Islander culture.


It saddens me that as educators we are quick to judge and strip away the confidence and often genuine efforts educators make to expose children to valuable cultural learning opportunities.


For me, Naidoc week is a celebration of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders culture. Bringing an extra focus onto experiences we have had over the year and showing respect, value and importance of recognising Australias first peoples and the land, they are connected.


Here is a few of my favourite finds this week 🙂

-From Giggle and Grow Family Day Care

-Create Aboriginal Stick Painting

-Commitment to heritage and showing respect 


And some resources you may find useful 🙂




Please share with us your experiences this week………………………….


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