Simple Reflect

Stress About Next Year…

Don’t let the What ifs in your life destroy the now…
What about the NOW?
I have been listening to an educators what if’s today
Trying to be respectful
Trying to be thoughtful and understanding
Then I asked her…
But what if it all works out? EXACTLY how you want it to?
If you have been an educator for a while
You will know how much everything can change from year to year
At the start of a new year
The children all do a little shuffle
The vibe of what works and what doesn’t shuffles
AND the systems we use
NEED to shuffle a little too
It’s OK to make changes as you go
It’s OK >> although honestly sometimes heartbreaking >>
for children to move on
It’s OK and NEEDED for you to recognise what will work for you…
This time of year I hear from educators that have concerns
A real level of STRESS about next year
Children are changing
Families are changing
Thoughts on increasing or decreasing hours
Changing of days
And debates over fees too
ALL these are quite normal
And happen every year
Some years ARE harder than others
Some times a heck of a lot of effort, communication,
negotiations are needed
AND other years it just all falls into place
Keep your eye on the prize
A year that will work for you
DECIDE what days YOU want to work
DECIDE what times will be ideal
DECIDE on changes to your fees
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Start negotiating
Start taking ACTION
DON’T leave it to the last minute
Be ready for it to take some time
Effort and skill
But what if it all works out? EXACTLY how you want it to?
Enjoy the NOW!!
There are still months until the end of the year
YES actions > discussions > planning > negotiation is needed now
BUT don’t be CONSUMED by the stress
Enjoy the NOW
> enjoy your days
> enjoy the children
> enjoy being an educator,
knowing you are making a difference to the lives of your children,
their families and the community you are a part of
Relax and trust YOU have the skill to make it all work…
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