Simple Reflect

Supporting Creativity, Supporting Choice :)

Yesterday I offered the children Christmas tree craft
Pre-cut trees, Green paint, Stars and sequins
I tried to be a little more mainstream
NOT often how I program
You know
Offer the children preplanned pieces for them
to create Christmas trees to take home…
Or was it?

The children chatted about the trees,
about presents they want under the tree,
what they were planning to give others –
a great opportunity to support conversation,
social skills, recall and expressing their feelings
Half way through beautiful Miss E shared
she would RATHER paint her feet then the tree…
Let’s leave the trees
‘What colour would you like to paint your feet?’ I asked
So we did
Huge pieces of paper
Red and Green Paint
The children painting their own feet
Using their feet as stamps
Stomping and hopping
Can you imagine the splatter, the mess, but gee we had fun
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Child led
Child focused
Child creativity
We now have 4 big pieces of paper to send home as wrapping paper
And we may even finish our trees today if the children WANT to
How are YOU supporting creativity?
How are YOU listening to your children and supporting their choices?
Would YOU have supported their change in focus?
I had chosen NOT to program any craft this year around foot prints
The children just hadn’t shown any interest
in painting themselves like last year…
But here is the interest,
showing up
presented and supported yesterday as it came up
I would love to hear how YOU have changed your program
on the run to support children’s interests?
Are you offering foot prints as part of your Christmas programming?
If so – Is it for the right reasons?
P.S I would love to see your Christmas experiences 🙂
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