The Best Educator?

It is YOUR decision…
Have you made the decision?
The decision to be the best educator YOU can be??
Each year I challenge myself…
Challenge myself to be the best educator I can be
To each of us,
the best educator,
means something completely different
As I grow each year as an educator
As I reflect on my practice
As I become more experienced and the world changes
As my children grow and my families need adjust
The best educator
The best me, WILL be different from last year
Each year in January
I take a little time to reflect on the year as a whole
Yes what worked and what didn’t
It is more than that
It is how I can better serve the children and families in my care
Moving forward, how has this changed?
What will work for me as an educator??
What needs to be added or subtracted from
EVERY PART of me being an educator?? ?
Nothing is off the table
If I want to be happy, energised, motivated during the year coming,
this is the step not to miss
You can only be the best educator YOU can be IF you DECIDE
how you want your year to be AND take action to make it that way
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NOW is the time to be ruthless
Are there new routines needed?
Do I need to focus on connection with my new children?
Were there parts of my day that just didn’t flow?
Does my environment need changing or a spruce up?
Are there resources I used last year that I don’t want to use again?
Do I need new or more age appropriate experiences?
Is my programming seamless and enjoyable?
Do my systems work for me?
Am I staying up to date with my paper work requirements?
Did I reflect as an educator in an effective way?
Am I keeping up with my children’s interests and learning needs?
How am I growing and developing as an educator?
These are the types of questions that are invaluable for
kicking of the year on the right foot AND celebrating
what worked and taking action to change what didn’t
AS WELL AS asking myself on point questions
Bellow are my must do tasks for the first week back…
>> Set up a calendar for the year – include school holidays
AND our holidays… for the whole year
>> Confirm any enrolments, advertise outstanding vacancies
>> Check enrolment details for all families are current
>> Update any new contracts
>> Confirm there are NO outstanding fees
>> Continue an ongoing programming cycle…
Yes educators often get out of the habit over
Christmas or leave it a week or two after to get back into it,
regrettably starting off the year needing to catch up.
Avoid this at all cost by kicking back into it on your first day.
It sounds like a lot
If you had a system that worked well last year
the above tasks should take no time at all
Being an educator can be easy, can be fun, motivating and fulfilling!
YES it takes focus, systems, determination and the
DECISION to stay organised and up to date…
why not start fresh at the start of the year
It is time to start now!!
It is your time to Shine as an Educator
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