The Gift of Time

Less IS More
Are you simply doing too much
Too much paperwork
Too much planning
Too much interacting… Oh did I just say that?
Do you take a step back and think are YOU actually doing TOO MUCH?
Now I am the LAST person to say to another
You are doing too much…
(HA Have you seen what I have on my plate at the moment)
We live in an amazing time
When we really CAN
Make choices and push to do what ever we want
Absolutely whatever we want – I truly believe it
I LOVE that we have real choices and so do the children
I do listen to educator
beautiful early childhood educators
Who can’t keep up, who are wanting to quit, who have out of control children
they are doing too much – too much BUSY and NOT enough
CONNECTING with our precious children
ENJOYING our precious children
ALLOWING children to explore and BE
YES sometimes our children need to have valuable learning opportunities offered and ALLOWED to just BE!!
The children we care for need time
Just as we do
ARE YOU GIFTING our precious children time?
NOT rushing them
NOT pushing them to do more
NOT jam packing their day with BUSY?
We ARE early childhood educators
We need to look at the WHOLE child
Children NEED time
Time to ponder
Time to take in their surrounds
Time to BE – AND they will learn what they need to learn
NOT how much we can jam pack into them in the shortest amount of time
Be motivated as an educator
Be excited and exciting as an educator
Be real and LOVE being an educator
Check out Simple Reflect – The latest documenting tool for Educators
LOOK at the whole child
YOU will find YOU will be – a better educator -a happier educator – an educator with longevity
Our children NEED educators
That understand the GIFT of time…
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YES programming
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YES answering ANY questions around being a successful educator
With LONGEVITY and keeping the LOVE for what we do as educator
This is your opportunity

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