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Happy Crazy Waves

Time for Mum and Dad to head off.


We do our happy wave,

blow kisses

shout love you

and off mum or dad go!


Happy children in the morning is an absolute must. Children that are excited to come into care, that can’t wait to see what experiences are out for the day and are confident to wave bye to mum and blow kisses are well settled, ready to learn little people.



But how do we get to that point?


We all know the child that clings to Mum or Dad with a determined grip, it’s their “just not getting away this time” grip! My heart breaks for them (the parent and the child). This is the time for action, support and a joint plan to build trust, confidence and put fun back into the mornings.


Lets start with what we are
going to do…


Sneaking away

– this breaks trust and leaves the child feeling abandoned, children will often cry for longer once they realise a parent has gone.


Staying just until the child is settled

– this sets a precedence that can’t be continued and thus confuses the child in the long run.


Bribes/food rewards/toys/stickers/phones/cash

🙁 oh dear…I’ve heard them all!!




Now what will really work


If a parent needs to stay then encourage them to stay 🙂

Have several planned, well discussed, short visits with their child. They will be unsure at first but with the right encouragement, preparation and interactions they will start to be more comfortable and develop some interest in the experiences and surrounds offered.


Focus on a strategy with the parent

Discuss and offer favourite play experiences, colours, music and crafts.


For older children a picture

Of their family to hide in their pocket can add an extra feeling of security.


For younger children and babies

Encourage the parent to bring something that smells like mum or dad as well as comforters and familiar items.


A half day may need to be offered

So the child has a positive experience without being overwhelmed.

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Above all…



– prepare yourself, the parent and the child.


Have a plan

– know who will be in care and share this with the parent.


Know what a parents movements will be

– draw their attention to something on offer for them to show their child.


I strongly encourage you to build a routine in advance with the parent to place lunch and drinkers in the fridge, sign children in, have a snuggle, kiss-kiss-kiss, happy wave, blow more kisses, shout “love you” and off they go.
Our happy wave uses both our hands and is as big a wave as they can manage without falling over, it’s a bit special and very funny and helps wonderfully with settling children in and building confidence.




Do you, as an educator or a parent have a ‘happy wave’ I d love to hear about it…



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