I have been genuinely surprised by the conversations I have had
With both parents and educators around TMI
You know…
When someone you know over shares
Parents, families, friends, colleagues
share just a little TOO much
The awareness and level of what we share with each other
IS individual
What we share with close friends
Is different to what we share with acquaintances
OR is it?
If these acquaintances BECOME close friends
We will then share with them too
BECOME through trust and growth,
time and understanding…
Think for a moment on this concept for our children
When an educator, parent or loved one
Over shares with our precious children?
Over shares in an innocent way
Pushes just a little more
Encourages just a little too much
Challenges a child past the point of coping
Creating overwhelm
Creating a disconnect
Creating the need for a child to process too much too soon…
Question yourself
How YOU offer experiences to children?
How YOU offer follow ups?
How YOU program and document a child’s journey?
As educators it is unquestionable
We recognise the skills we NEED
We NEED to build our skills around this area
Around BEING an educator
Guiding learning
Building confidence
Encouraging each child as unique
Precious beings that ARE relying on us to know our stuff…
We need to recognise => Understand => Be strong advocates
How much is TOO MUCH
What awareness, thought and consistency do YOU put into TMI
As educators we NEED TO KNOW the development of children
We NEED to focus on it
We NEED to understand it
And if it is not our forte? we NEED to build skills around this area!
We have been focusing on follow ups
Tiny steps
What’s next => What’s next => What’s next?
Looking at development areas
Looking at what we see, as children develop
Looking at the EYLF outcomes and language
AND how this all works together
As educators we know it all works together
Check out Simple Reflect – The latest documenting tool for Educators
It is OUR commitment => OUR responsibility => OUR JOB
To stop the overwhelm
To stop the disconnect
To stop children being encouraged or forced to process too much too soon…
I see it as a part of WHO I AM as an educator
An educators who WILL…
Stand up
Reflect on my own practice
Have the hard conversations when they’re needed
Recognise the position of influence I have with my children AND family’s around me
Is this YOU?
FIND the balance => Is there a balance?
An important balance for each of us => As individuals
It’s not always about pushing for more
It can be about tiny steps that are JUST RIGHT
Find them
Recognise them
Support them
What is the next step for YOU?
What is the next step for YOUR precious children?
P.S When you fully get that you are the difference in a child’s life => you will know you need to shine as an educator…
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