Simple Reflect

What Does It Mean to Shine??

What does it mean to YOU?
I’ve been flat this week
Struggling to find the energy
It’s the end of the year and I am ready for a break
For some time – time for my son, my husband, time for me
But I say to myself
I say to YOU
We still need to shine
What makes YOU the educator you are today?
Why do I say to educators
“Remember to Shine”?
“Shine as an Educator”!!
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YOU have precious children
that NEED what YOU have to give…
Support them
Nurture them
Engage them
Snuggle and comfort them
Challenge them
Guide them
Let them know – our precious children –
that YOU are a trustworthy person
A beautiful early childhood educator that
WANTS to spend time, earning children’s trust…
WE need to earn children’s trust &
WE need to hold a safe space for them EVERY time they are with us!
I am an Early Childhood Educators and this is my commitment!!
Be the shining – stable – predictable – wonderful EDUCATOR
The one the children know – trust – NEED
When everything is crazy at this time of year
BE the educator with a smile
BE the educator with the laugh
BE the educator with the compassion – love – caring – joy
I beg you to be the educator the children desperately need you to be…
What does it mean – TO YOU – to shine?
Share how you are shining?
P.S How are you refilling your cup over the Christmas break?
so you don’t burn out,
so you have the motivation
so you will LOVE being with the children in 2018…
Programming, Critical Reflection, connection to children and family’s we talk about it all in the Shine as an Educator group and you are invited to join 🙂
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