Why Oh Why?

Oh My Goodness
EVERY single thing YOU do CAN BE FUN
Can be real, can be better in some way
Challenge yourself
Challenge yourself as an Educator
Challenge yourself as an Early Childhood Educator
How can you find the FUN in everything YOU do WITH the children?
I CAN’T stand it – the whinging – the whining – the negativity from educators
IF YOU need to have a whinge
Do it in a way that will move you forward
Do it with the aim to find a SOLUTION
A solution YOU can use
A solution that will help YOUR children
A solution that will see a better day for YOU and your precious children
PLEASE don’t whinge and whine without a goal
Without an aim
Without a purpose
Without the dedication of trying all the suggestions thrown at YOU
Yes ASK for help
Yes whinge and whine occasionally
Listen for the help
Listen for the understanding that comes
Listen for the experiences that will be shared with you
Take them
TAKE them and USE them…
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Do NOT put them in the too hard basket
Do NOT save them for another day
Do NOT continue to whinge and whine without an aim to grasp onto help, move forward with determination and make it work
Why oh Why ?
As grown, amazing, professional educators
AND Yes I wanted to say women
But we have amazing men too
Why oh Why
Do educators continue to whinge and whine
Without the determination to draw a line in the sand
make a change
Change something
TRY something
Claim the help that is offered to YOU
NOW!! YES Right NOW!!
P.S What advise have you been given lately that YOU needed to listen to?
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