What will his inner voice say?

Do you ever scroll mindlessly??
I don’t do it very often
but when I do
I love to take note of what catches my eye!!
This week it was the many memes about
the children’s inner voices
you know
the ones that say
a child inner voice will become what they hear the most
The way a parent talks to their child will become their inner voice
BUT what about the way an educator speaks to their children??
We have some of our precious children in care
a huge amount of hours
a generation that spends more of their waking hours
in care – then at home –
How we speak to them
WILL effect their inner voices
how they are supported
how they are encouraged
how they are nurtured
our next generations inner voice will be greatly effected by
how WE as EDUCATORS speak to them…
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How do you as an early childhood educator
show kindness – when YOU speak?
show acceptance – when YOU speak?
guide and encourage – when YOU speak?
There is A LOT to think about in our changing world
Do you take time out
really think
really reflect
really know
the effect YOU as an early childhood educator
are having on the precious children

Remember to Shine 

P.s I would love to see the memes that speak to you?
If you have a favourite or one you love add them in the comments below…

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