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Winter is here!!


Winter is here and I am well into programming our experiences for the next few months. Are You??


There are a few priorities that become forefront at this time of year and I mean for all of us – Educators, Children and Families


Priorities for winter - Middle


A few habits that are necessities when working with children – to teach and definitely do ourselves!!


Multivitamins – even if you don’t feel they are worthwhile in the warmer months
Washing Hands – Oh yes wash, wash and wash, new songs in winter… discourage children from putting their hands/fingers in their mouths, very difficult for toddlers but we can at least try.
Staying consistent with families on the level of ‘well’ you expect children to be coming into care and the same for yourself – if you need a sick day take one!!



Do you struggle through winter??


Some Educators, children and families can really struggle through Winter – It is worth being aware of this and show how caring, thoughtful and understanding you can be. Are you ready to give that extra bit of support. Injecting a level of energy and vibrance into your business can be amazing and uplifting to everyone around you.


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Is there nothing worse then walking into a space that is bitterly cold!! Or even the opposite – stuffy with that closed up can’t breath stale air feel. Winter can be so tricky. Families have their own interpretation of warm, the management of children and their layers of clothes can take a fair bit of thoughtful, respectful communication.



A great routine can help in Winter, but do you do a little extra?? – We do 🙂 Extra dancing, yoga, role play, indoor trampoline and practicing our skills like hopping, rolling and jumping.



Lol I have three boys and learnt quite a while ago that children need outside time – no matter what the weather – my Family Day care families understand my feelings about winter and most days we feed the chooks and check the mail especially when its super cold and snowy. That’s what gumboots, Jackets and beanies are for.


I’d Love to hear about your Winter thoughts…


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