Write It Down!!

“Do I really need to program,
I just put out things for the children to play with and they free play!!”
This is an educators comment to me and this is what I needed to say…
In your head you ARE programming!!
You thought about…
> What the children would be interested in?
> Where you would place the items?
> How many items you placed out?
You also need to think about…
> What do your children need to learn next?
> What is age appropriate and confidence building?
> How can you extend on the children’s interests?
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In your head you ARE programming, you just need to write it down!
Write your program using your professional language,
in a way that becomes a continual cycle.
Create a resource with your programming
that you can come back to and parents can read
what you offered their child.
You are ALMOST doing all the things,
you just need to recognise you are and WRITE IT DOWN!!
But why don’t you write it down?
Is it confidence? Is it questioning? Is it time?
Is it all of these OR none of them?
Have you NOT found a way that works for you?
Beautiful early childhood educators,
you KNOW what you need to know
Throw away the questioning, the perfectionism,
the self doubt and write down what YOU need to write down.
YOUR precious children need an educator that LOVES being an educator
and it’s time to do it in a way that works for YOU!!
Claim the next step and only the next step, one sentence at a time
It is time to make the decision
Right NOW
You are going to write your program down
You are going to write it down AND stay up to date!
P.S Are you looking for training and support NOW is the time
to claim it and move forward.
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