That does not mean BORING
Today was our pyjama day and I LOVE it
I really do
The children LOVE it
and that makes for a fabulous day
We attended our playgroup PJ party
The children were super excited
Super Excited Children = Happy Parents
BUT I found myself with that little niggle
The questions that pop up
When we aren’t 100% comfortable
Guiding the children across the carpark
YES In my PJ’s
With four little people
ALL in our PJ’s
The questioning looks – Judging looks
You know the ones
What are you up to?
Why are you dressed like that – OR why aren’t you dressed?
Yes I took a deep breath
Yes I smiled to myself
AND re-convinced myself it was time for some fun
Have we forgotten FUN
FUN is a part of being an educator
Engaging children – Having FUN
An essential part of learning
Being positive
Offering Excitement
Encouraging being unique and individual
It’s all part of what we do
Part of being early childhood educators
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But there’s MORE
Isn’t “FUN” part of being a child?
Isn’t “FUN” part of life??
I want my children to HAVE FUN…
I WANT to have FUN!!
PJ party’s, special days…
What out of the ordinary do YOU offer
Encourage, guide and enable
FUN in your care setting – In YOUR LIFE??
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